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Where Have You Been All My Life, Daniel Tosh?

Posted by David Schmader on Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 11:10 AM

I know, I know: Daniel Tosh has been doing stand-up for years, and a quick scan of his Wikiquote page reveals him to be an incredibly funny man.

But now he's got this weekly television show, Tosh.0, featuring our charming host offering up/breaking down "the best of the web!", with a heaping helping of obsessive follow-through.

Case in point: The segment called "Web Redemption", wherein Tosh hunts down notorious viral video "celebrities"—Afro Ninja, that guy who puked during a TV interview—and gives them a chance to redeem themselves. My fave-to-date features Miss Teen South Carolina, whose ridiculous pageant babblings made her an international laughingstock.

Then came Tosh:

Tosh.0 Thurs, 10pm / 9c
Web Redemption - Miss South Carolina
Daniel Tosh Miss Teen South Carolina Demi Moore Picture

Aside from being an exceedingly funny man, he's also a bit of a masochist, as seen in this clip where he self-tests several internet memes on himself.

In short: Tosh.O is like the justly beloved The Soup (Joel McHale, swoon!), only devoted to the web, and much weirder, scarier, and funnier. (For instance, Tosh isn't above showing perfectly SFW-but-psychologically damaging crush videos*.) If you like to be lightly upset while you laugh really hard, watch it.

*Featured crush video involves no crushed animals or insects, just bread, hence the title, "How Croutons Are Made."

Michelann Michelann 6 years 48 weeks
I've loved Daniel Tosh for a while now and his new show is hilarious. I really hope it sticks around.
kikidawn kikidawn 6 years 48 weeks
:rotfl: that was awesome... too bad we are broke and canceled our extended cable :( we only get local channels now :(
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 48 weeks
amybdk amybdk 6 years 49 weeks
Um yeah! You think?!? Men in dresses with a really strange sense of humor? YES PLEASE!
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 6 years 49 weeks
I heard about this show... :rotfl: This is right up your alley Amy!
kastarte2 kastarte2 6 years 49 weeks
He looks so pretty in that gown! :rotfl: