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Which Color would look best with the wedding dress?

Which color bridesmaid dress would be best? I love both, but which would look best in pictures and create a color scheme for the wedding?

So here's a new element are the flowers... this is basically my bouquet.

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elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 6 years 20 weeks
I agree with the bottom two comments and also want to emphasize putting in some eye catching green pieces in the bouquets to make the green really POP. it'd be really pretty coordination. also, would you rather be surrounded by girls in purple or green? I'd love to see green bridesmaid dresses but if i think about being surrounded by emerald dresses it's just a little bit overwhelming to me. but that is just me.
rizwam rizwam 8 years 23 h
I agree with "My opinion". Purple flowers will not get much visibility on purple dress. The option you left with is green.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 8 years 6 days
I love the green with that dress! Looks like your flowers are mostly purple but you can get a few dark green leaves and strategically place them in there.
kberlym kberlym 8 years 1 week
Keep in mind you need to think about your skin tone, and when you wedding is going to be held. Both of those are predictors of which color will look best!! Best Wishes