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Which do you think is the best first sippy cup?

3 years 44 weeks
We have a whole slew of cups in our cupboard. Our two favorite cups are not listed. For my littlest, a 1 yr old, the Avent cups are the best. Better yet, you can buy the smallest size for transitioning so they aren't so heavy, then you can just place the lids/handles on your larger size Avent bottles, since the lines are interchangeable! Perfect for us. Then, for my two older children, a 3 and 4 yr old, the Take and Toss cups are absolutely wonderful. Despite their cheap price tag, they are almost completely leak proof and come with little caps for travel.
CrazyMother CrazyMother 4 years 1 day
I love BornFree!! Your son may be ready for a Drinking Cup- the Trainers are for when they are younger, I believe. I have two kids so being able to use the parts interchangeably (all the lids, valves, and collars, and cups/bottles work together) makes ALL the difference in the world. Most of the time my baby uses a Drinking Cup body with a nipple collar tip. I'm not a Tommee Tippee fan. BornFree mama all the way.
4 years 11 weeks
With my two oldest children, they were straight up Playtex sippy cups all the way. With my youngest, we had to really look around and try a variety. The winner were the Nuby sippy cups, because of the soft silicone. Anytime we tried to give him anything different, he'd chew on the hard plastic spout and then throw it on the floor, without drinking any of the juice, water or milk that was in it.
chicagojlo chicagojlo 4 years 11 weeks
You didn't mention Avent - like the Tommee Tippee the cups/bottles and spots/nipples are all interchangeable. Both brands also have removable handles that you can put on baby's bottle to get them used to holding it. But in all honesty the sooner you teach your child to drink from an open cup, the better. Giving them a cup they can throw on the floor with no consequence is not in your best interest!
CMansMama CMansMama 4 years 11 weeks
I have the Tommee Tippee sippy cup for my son and it is completely leak-proof. He likes to gnaw on the valve, but normally doesn't get anything out. Also, this cup comes with a lid, so the spout doesn't get dirty when thrown into a purse. We also use the Avent sippy cup tops (they just popped into his Avent bottles where the nipple usually goes) with great success. They aren't leak proof, but they are good for starting out as water slowly drips out when turned upside down.
babysugar babysugar 4 years 11 weeks
amaebi519 - I should have mentioned up front that all of these passed my leak test. When the valves were in place, I could turn them upside down and not have ANY water come out. I was really impressed with that! As for straw cups - when my son is bit older and can handle the straw, I'll be doing another round of tests! Stay tuned!
4 years 11 weeks
amaebi519: for us, the playtex cup she reviewed is absolutely leak resistant - when the valve is in. Right now, I still have to take the valve out before I give it to my DD since she's still learning, but with that valve in nothing gets out.
4 years 11 weeks
I was disappointed that you did not review the nuby ones or any with a straw we really struggled with sippy cups and finally tried one with a straw and had a clear winner.
amaebi519 amaebi519 4 years 11 weeks
Great ideas and info, but what's missing is how leak-resistant each cup is! We started with the Nuby ones, but my daughter was too fond of using the tip as a 'stamp' to make a big mess everywhere. Our current fave is the Playtex with the 'twist until it clicks' feature, but I still have to put her sippies in a baggie before they go in my purse. Anyone out there find the perfect leak-resistant cup?