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Which prom dress?

Okay, Senior Prom is coming up May 3 and I'm still without a dress. I have made a few choices of what I like, but I need your help. So...which one is the best? P.S. I'm African American and our theme is Arabian Night.or light gold??

gabichou26 gabichou26 8 years 6 weeks
Ooh me likes 2 and 5!
Nicwolf Nicwolf 8 years 7 weeks
When I think of Arabian Nights, I think of bold color, so I would go with the peacock or dark teal. Plus, I think it will stand out more in a crowded room of prom-goers.
Razan-i Razan-i 8 years 7 weeks
3ed and last dress , it depends on your skin tone .
Meka_suga Meka_suga 8 years 7 weeks
Thanks guys! I'm going to buy the yellow one. Now I have to worry about shoes and jewelery so I will most likely be make some more posts in the near future.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 8 years 7 weeks
lala788 lala788 8 years 7 weeks
i like the dark teal one . any dress choice you'll gonna make , i bet you'll have a great prom :)
hautecouture hautecouture 8 years 7 weeks
I love the second one, it stood out the first time I saw it :D
Sandra16 Sandra16 8 years 7 weeks
I like the #3.
kh312 kh312 8 years 7 weeks
#1 and #3 are gorgeous
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years 7 weeks
I like the second one
Red-Lady Red-Lady 8 years 7 weeks
The 3rd gown is my fave. It's very feminine & figure flattering.
wren1 wren1 8 years 7 weeks
I like the last one the best.
Meka_suga Meka_suga 8 years 7 weeks
yeah I love the yellow one too but its just a little on the pricey side. Thanks! This is great advice so far. I would love some more though.
ces016 ces016 8 years 7 weeks
I love the yellow, love the design and it looks so fab ..
supermommie supermommie 8 years 7 weeks
I am partial to the champagne color. It simply looks elegant. Super Mommie!!
robinesque robinesque 8 years 7 weeks
I like the style of the yellow one! Everything is covered "just so." No spills to worry about. Satin is a very unforgiving material that I hate, so I wouldn't go with that. It emphasizes ALL the "nooks and crannies." Something to think about, anyway. Arabian Nights theme! Perfect! Maybe some cuffs?