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White Nail Polish - Love it or Hate it

I tried my Boys in the Bottle brand nail polish in Bobby Sox today, which is a solid white.

Although I did a horrible job painting my nails (as usual), I really like the color. It's very mod.

Not counting the fact that I can't paint my nails or that my fingers look strange, stubby, and misshapen in this photo, what do you think about white polish in general?

And don't worry about hurting my feelings. I won't get offended, I'm just curious.

Becky9ox Becky9ox 8 years 48 weeks
WHY BUY WHITE NAILPOLISH when you can buy WHITE out and use it for TWO things!! hahaha
the_beautifuL_me the_beautifuL_me 8 years 48 weeks
hmm,, i don't reaLLy Like it,,it's Looks scary 2 me,i don't know why,,weLL,its just my opinion,,
Basma Basma 8 years 48 weeks
Hate it
Basma Basma 8 years 48 weeks
Hate it
rgrl rgrl 8 years 49 weeks
This looks pretty in the picture, but I don't think I would like it on me. I recently bought a Boots white nail polish (target) intended for french tips I think, and it has a creamier tint which I like.
blackjade78 blackjade78 8 years 49 weeks
I don't like a totally white polish. I like a little subtler, like creamy or with a hint of pink. All white does look like White Out to me if it's done the wrong way. Oftentimes it is, too.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years 49 weeks
I like it; I can't pull the look off well because I have fair skin however when skin has a glow or a tan to it - the white looks great. It stands out yet in a clean and simple way. When I get a chance I will have to try Boys In A Bottle; the colors come out great.
Livience Livience 8 years 49 weeks
I love it! I did my toes and fingers with Sally Hansen Salon in "All the White Stuff," and so many people in the office have commented on how cool it looks! It's a very clean look. :) Boys in the Bottle looks great on you, Whip!!
ElsaBeK ElsaBeK 8 years 49 weeks
I love it!! If you have a nice tan it looks cool..a really good almost white polish is OPI's "matched luggage"...I currently have it on my toes.
mdbzmom mdbzmom 8 years 49 weeks
I want to try it on my toes. I never paint my fingernails. I'm too lazy for the up keep and close-toed shoes are an instant fix!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 8 years 49 weeks
I hate it. I think it's because it brings out the red in my hands more, and that still reminds me of White Out.
sweet_potato sweet_potato 8 years 49 weeks
I bought a really sheer and shimmery white and it doesn't look too bad. I still don't prefer it over other colours though. I find it looks good in magazines (because they can retouch the flaws), but in real life its harsh.
TNgirl TNgirl 8 years 49 weeks
It looks great on you Whip! I'm not sure that I could ever pull it off so I chose undecided; I guess it would look okay paired with the right outfit.
vmruby vmruby 8 years 49 weeks
Not for me unless it's on a french manicure, but it looks great on you Whip!!!!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 8 years 49 weeks - i did my nails white a month back too!! love it!!
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years 49 weeks
I'm not into it myself ... I'd rather leave the white as an accent like in French Tips
Michelann Michelann 8 years 49 weeks
I wore white nail polish a few weeks ago and somebody asked if I'd painted them with white out... But I really don't care, I still think its an awesome statement. I love funky nail colors!
SweetMagicFairy SweetMagicFairy 8 years 49 weeks
hate it
KC_27 KC_27 8 years 49 weeks
Love it!
queencessjosie queencessjosie 8 years 49 weeks
I remember wearing white nails when I was 13 or so. I wonder how it would look now, but like someone else said above, it depends a bit on your skintone I suppose.
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 8 years 49 weeks
I like it when it's more on the sheer side, and the pic looks great. I think you can definitely rock it!
CocoChic CocoChic 8 years 49 weeks
Ooh I love it! I read somewhere (maybe Allure) to not use a base coat with white polish to avoid streaks.
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 8 years 49 weeks
I love it.
Marci Marci 8 years 49 weeks
I don't normally like WHITE white polish, but it looks nice in the picture. I'm a fan of the creamy off/white, though. Wear that a lot.
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 8 years 49 weeks
I really love it!