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White & Raspberry Cupcakes

White & Raspberry Cupcakes

White & Raspberry Cupcakes


Jelly Belly raspberry shaped candies
White Cake Mix (eggs, oil, water)
Powdered Sugar
fresh raspberries
frozen raspberries (in sugar)
granulated sugar
lemon juice
raspberry jam (with or without seeds)
pastry bag (regular or disposable)
large star tip (mine says 824 on the side)


I started with a white cake mix. Then I added seedless raspberry jam to each mini-cupcake after filling with batter but before baking (it worked best to dollop a little more batter to cover the jam). After they cooled I frosted with raspberry buttercream frosting

The cupcakes in the first photo (with the Jelly Belly raspberry shaped candies) is just white cake (no filling) and the same buttercream frosting.

The cupcakes with smooth frosting have the homemade filling inside, which is added after baking and cooling. I wouldn't recommend this with the tiny cupcakes but I think it would be worth it for regular sized. It was just too hard to cup open and replace the tops when they are this small.

Lessons learned:

The cupcakes were so moist they were hard to handle the second day, next time I will fill and frost after cooling but not wait till the next day.

The buttercream frosting 'melts' quickly, so next time I will place in the refrigerator after frosting and remove shortly before serving (they ended up loosing their pretty shape).

They need to be packed carefully and close together so they don't tip over during transport (or frosting on location). I drove to a friend's house to drop them off for a birthday party today and if I hadn't made extras all my effort making them pretty would have been wasted. Half of them fell over or just spread out from melting.

Filling before baking works best with the tiny cupcakes.

For general cupcake filling directions go here: