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Who remembers the I Dream of Jeannie Bottle w/doll?

I remember playing with mine for hours ... then my mom made me give it away to the Salvation Army. I miss it to this day.
Remco I Dream of Jeannie BottleRemco I Dream of Jeannie Bottle
eBay has one for bid right now - http://cgi.ebay.com/Remco-I-Dream-Of-Jeannie-Dream-Bottle-With-Doll-In-B...

tkoblondee tkoblondee 8 years 35 weeks
Never ever heard of it! But loved the show.
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years 41 weeks
If you find one in a thrift store for cheap, you better buy me one, Jus!! =D
Jus_A_Partyr Jus_A_Partyr 8 years 42 weeks
I have no clue what these toys were but now that ive seen them ive seen some in a couple thrif stores but thats about it =) its all good
uacosj uacosj 8 years 43 weeks
Nope never heard of this toy, but it looks awesome! I want it!
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 8 years 43 weeks
No I didn't have one of these unfortunately, though I loved that show!
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years 43 weeks
I was born in 71 ... so of course, I grew up with all kinds of stuff, haha. This was my toy before I got into the Barbie craze. My Opinion ... that's too funny. I actually was very similar growing up! I was/am an Army Brat and remember playing outside with my best friend ... but we played Sleastacks (sp???) based off of our favorite show, Land of the Lost!! =D Hehe ... no prickly pears in Virginia, thankfully!
Clicious Clicious 8 years 43 weeks
i don't remember this toy, but i used to love that show when i was little, and i was jenine for halloween, my mom made the costume
ashleycakes ashleycakes 8 years 43 weeks
yeah, this must have been some kind of regional thing because I never heard of it until this very moment.
fashionstar fashionstar 8 years 43 weeks
I was born in the 80s and I still have no clue whatchu talkin bout willis
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 8 years 43 weeks
I was born in the 90's so I have no idea what you are talking about...
BARBEE BARBEE 8 years 43 weeks
I'm afraid I've never seen or heard of it before...must have been after the Ken and Barbie dolls??? I had several of them...my mom used to make the most fantastic clothes for the Barbies!! Unfortunately, somewhere along the line my mom got rid of them...without even asking me! grrrrrr...but, such is life being an Army brat.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years 43 weeks
nope but I LOVED the show!
earthylovingirl earthylovingirl 8 years 43 weeks
i never saw it before.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 8 years 43 weeks
:rotfl: @ your last choice! I wish I had one of those. Hey even kind of 'tomboys' like to play with stuff like that too! Even though I had match box cars and played in my driveway, I do remember having a ken and barbie and hiding in the prickly bushes in front of our house when we lived in Louisiana and making them kiss and kiss and :kiss: then I would run across the street with one of those prickly bush pieces and chase my best friend around in her back yard with it until she cried. :innocent: she always got put in timeout in her bathroom for sucking her thumb!!! Why did I write all that you ask? I have no idea!!!! I'm obviously bored :D
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years 43 weeks
One day I'll get a replacement! But I'm sure it'll never be the same, haha. Actually, the one I had was a bit different and I'm not sure who the maker was. I'm sure there were quite a few makers of these back then.