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Why Do We Clink Glasses When We Toast?

With New Year's Eve upon us, there will be a lot of clinking glasses.  Here is an interesting article about the history behind the clinking of glasses when we toast.


Clinking glasses at the conclusion of a toast is an honored custom that demonstrates good will toward your drinking companions. There are some misconceptions, though, about how the practice started.


     Legend says that one drinker would knock his glass against his companion's with enough force to slosh a little of his drink into his potential assailant's cup, as a way of thwarting any possible poisoning attempt. However, this is not true.



 Clinking glasses started in modern times after people stopped passing around a communal cup. To feel closer, drinkers started clinking their glasses, a symbolic way to show they were still drinking together.



 People who clink glasses are demonstrating unity and good will. The pleasant sound of ringing crystal also punctuates the words of the toast.




Etiquette rules say that you don't have to touch glasses with everyone---just the people within easy clinking distance. Raise your glass and make eye contact with the rest of the group.


Don't bash your glass against another person's glass, especially if you are using delicate crystal. It's also considered rude to tap a knife or other utensil against your glass to get people's attention.






Know the customs of the country you are clinking in. People in Ukraine, for instance, consider it uncouth to clink glasses if they are not drinking alcohol.



What is your favorite cocktail?  What is your favorite toast?


Have a Happy New Year's Eve and PLEASE be safe by not drinking and driving!  We NEED you!

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D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 21 weeks
my date was SO FUN! Thnx! :hug:
Cherlene Cherlene 6 years 21 weeks
I don't drink very much either, but when I do I like a nice smooth Grey Goose on the rocks with just a twist. I believe that a person can still toast even if they are not drinking alcohol. A toast is a toast is a toast. Really having nothing to do with alcohol. One can toast with sparkling cider if desired. Fun post Dee! My favorite toast is just Salut! :) Hope you are having fun on your date tonight! :hug:
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 21 weeks
i rarely drink - and when i clink glasses, too - but i cannot drink anymore - i get drunk so fast - so i just skip it - i do beer w/o alcohol and i love it :) i used to love Gin Tonic mostly - with lemon - and b4 i used to do Rum with orange juice - preferably brown Rum and blood orange juice and i learnt to know Caipirinha - which i love, too ;) Thank you for asking - nowadays i do lots of fruit juices mixed - and still Schweppes belongs to my fave and Cranberry juice ;) GIN GIN - to all of you tonight :)
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 21 weeks
My favorite cocktail is the lemon drop martini! My favorite toast is "May the winds of misfortunte forever follow us - but never catch us". Cheers everyone and Have a safe and Happy New Year! :heart: ya!