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Wild About trial.. a new website and app devoted to covering the latest and greatest trials.



Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Trial.

Created and developed by a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer and legal analyst, Wild About Trial is the only iPhone and Android app that covers the most compelling court cases nationwide. With a team of lawyers and legal professionals reporting every detail, Wild About Trial takes you right to the courthouse steps with up-to-the minute news, court documents and insider legal perspective on the country's most captivating criminal trials.

For 99 cents per trial, you receive unlimited access to a summary of each case, biographies of the major players from judges to defendants, documents directly from the court file, live feed of court proceedings when available and in-depth analysis from our team of legal experts. This app is easy to use and puts information you won't get from any other source right in the palm of your hand. Simply put, it it made for people who are Wild About Trial.

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