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Wildcards 3 - Most Handsome Man Round 2 Part 5

ed norton
jeffrey dean morgan
Jared Leto

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Who's the hottest? Hot or not?? Scott Porter Hot or not?? Johnathon Schaech Hot or not?? Robbie Amell Hot or not?? Adam Sandler Tom Sturridge - Hot or Not? Hot or not?? Ryan Kwanten
rabidmoon rabidmoon 7 years 45 weeks
Adore Ed Norton.
--Natalie-- --Natalie-- 7 years 46 weeks
jared leto
lala788 lala788 7 years 46 weeks
i voted for Ed
torisweettooth torisweettooth 7 years 46 weeks
WHAT!? Nah baby boy Ian is hott. See that's with TWO t's. lmao . . ~Chip Douglas (Cable Guy): [Steven punches him] You're gonna have to do better than that, Steven. Steven. St-st-my lisp is gone! [Steven punches him again; lisps] Chip: You thtupid thon of a b!tc#!~
scotlandrulz scotlandrulz 7 years 46 weeks
:love: JARED :love: