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Yoga Knee Pads

I had knee surgery two years ago and my knee still isn't quite right.  I find that doing the Yoga poses on my knees I can't do it for very long.


I saw that the person who has this site said they have yoga knee pads.  Where can I go to purchase them.


Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 26 weeks Support Small Business November 24, 2012....take the pain out of your pose!
Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 38 weeks (TM)
Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 42 weeks
I have our YogaKneez Blog up with prices and pictures.
Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 42 weeks
I have a new product coming. Two Circles or One Rectangle. They are made out of high density foam that lets your knee sink into them without changing your pose. They have a non-slip back and with the added cushion of your mat, it gives comfort and stability. I'm in the process of price and label. You can contact me at I can send you some pictures and prices to get you started.
yvonne5 yvonne5 3 years 49 weeks
Where can i purchase the knee pads - i had a knee replacement several years ago and need to protect my knees - I currently use a few pillows but it is impractical and thought you may have a better product that can be worn containing gel or something that reduces the impact of pressure on the knees Thanks
Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 4 years 1 h
I have a new product coming soon for knee comfort in three different sizes. Two Round and one Rectangle with non-slip backing. Let me know if you are interested. Therese C.
DoYogaLisa DoYogaLisa 4 years 9 weeks
Try folding your sticky mat over on itself where you place your knees. It is very soft and you won't need to buy anything.