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Yoga Off the Mat Shares His "Yoga Manifesto"

Here's an excerpt of what OnSugar blogger Tom Le from yoga off the mat has to say about the money-making side of the yoga industry.

Recently a friend of mine forwarded a recent New York Times article called A Yoga Manifesto. You can read it yourself, but I can sum it up for you by saying that it's about the commodification of the yoga industry and how a few grassroots pioneers are opening studios that move away from that idea.

I can't help but support the new wave of non-capitalistic yoga. I practiced with Rusty Wells for many years, and his new studio in the Mission, Urban Flow, is a great example of how a studio can be about YOGA . . . and nothing else (well, except a big fat yoga scene).

However, I thought long and hard about this article and have to play devil's advocate for a bit. There are two sides to every story, of course. And, as most of my friends will tell you, I am very opinionated!

The article talked about how yoga has become big business. A 2008 poll commissioned by Yoga Journal magazine concluded that yoga is now a $5.7 billion dollar industry (which, for those of you cynics, means millions of jobs have been created in the yoga industry).

The article also shed a negative light on Lululemon (a successful company that makes high-end yoga clothes), Manduka (manufacturer of a high-end yoga mat that costs about $100), yoga studios that charge $20 per class, and well-known "celebrity " teachers like Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, David Life, and Sharon Gannon.

To find out Tom's response to the NYT article and what he really thinks of Lululemon, high-priced yoga studios, and Manduka, check out yoga off the mat. And why not start your own OnSugar blog? Your posts could be featured here on FitSugar.

Kword55 Kword55 4 years 18 weeks
Thank you Tom, what an intelligent and witty article. I too love LuLeLemon and don't want to feel ashamed of that. Luckily the corporate world melts away when I enter the yoga studio and that is what the practice is all about to me.
4 years 19 weeks
Oh my dear Tommy, I love your manifesto. Your light and love of yoga continues to inspire me and make me proud to call you my friend. You get what you give, and you my friend will always be a wealthy man, you get what you give. I miss and love you, be well!
4 years 19 weeks
Tom, you are right on with your "Manifesto"! I too read the NYT piece, and my thoughts literally paralleled what you have written, very articulately, I might add. While this is fresh in your mind, I would recommend checking out a documentary (you've probably already seen it) called "Yoga Inc." It's insightful, and focuses a lot on Bikram. Cheers, and see you in class!