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Your Cell Phone is Not a Boom Box!

I take public transportation to and from work each day, and normally it's a quiet and easy-going experience. However, earlier this week I was heading home and ran into a bit of a snag. It all began when a woman got on the train talking quite loudly on her cell phone. After a few minutes, we headed into a tunnel (which equals no cell service) so she got off the call before she lost reception. I thought things were "back on track" so to speak, until she started blaring a music from her phone! This was an old flip phone — obviously not the best method of listening to your tunes — but she proceeded to let it play, no matter if it was really audible with the noise of the train, or the buzzing and hissing noises that were coming from the speaker from it being turned up too loud. But, you're never going to believe what happened when the person next to her asked her to turn it down!

She began singing along with the track, virtually ignoring her fellow riders request! I was shocked! Besides the fact that there is a rule on our city busses and trains that you have to use headphones when listening to music, this woman showed absolutely no common courtesy to her fellow riders. Lesson to be learned? Don't blast music from your cell phone — it's not a boom box!

Ultress Ultress 5 years 18 weeks
Love this post. I live in NYC and this happens about once a week. People are animals.
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 5 years 44 weeks
A similar situation happened to me but at the movies!! I couldnt believe it.. i think at first no one said anything bc they were in shock but then ppl were getting really upset.. the kid never said sorry and even left, came back, and then left the theater while still blastin his music.. his friends never told him to keep it down either.. what happened to people and their manners?