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Your Holiday Story....

We had all had those holidays which stand out in our memories.  It may be a fabulous memory which makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, to be compared to every future memory and be measured by it.  We all have those holiday memories we'd like to forget---like the year both my Mom and my Aunt felt they had to be the one cooking the turkey and my Mom's turkey imploded. (Seriously...it became a heap of bones and the meat sort of disintegrated)


As children we had ideas about sugar plums just as much as we anticipated the tooth fairy...probably more.  Later in life as we married and somehow combined families, and our family traditions changed.  We created new memories together.  We have had that gift we thought was going to rock someone's world which turned out to be as exciting as a flat tire. 


There are those of us that prayed, pleaded, and made deals with God (or whoever else was listening) to just this one time....get that one thing or to be able to give that one great thing which would change our relationship with someone. 


Of course there are also those times when we all thought "What the heck was this person thinking" when we opened a gift which astounded us.  An example of this was someone close to me, her mother-in-law gave her a retractable clothesline one year, a sink hair strainer the next, and it just went even further down hill after that. (I am not  kidding)  And yes, we try to remember holiday seasons are about giving, not receiving....but still "What the heck!"


I suppose I'd like to think that we all hold onto some memories we cherish and find ways to laugh about those which perhaps fell short.  It is not always so easy.  As a young kid my father owned a prosperous business and Christmas was magical--our living room looked like the Sears toy department had exploded in there.  Then when he became a minister, sold his business and gave those funds to the church, and our Christmas changed dramatically. 


How does a 10 year old go from abundance into being thankful for a birthday cake for Jesus and one small gift?  It was hard, which perhaps explains why I am HUGE about Christmas now as an adult, and why my home has a Christmas tree in every room. (yes even bathrooms) 


The lesson I learned at 10 was not an easy one, it shaped my vision of holidays, and gave me new appreciation for what I had, and taught me that it really is about giving.  It did not prepare me for those who can never be pleased no matter how hard you try, whose expectations are so absurd and unobtainable, or worse---never learned about the gift which really comes from the heart. 


This year will probably be the leanest holiday season many Americans have ever had in their lifetimes.  As a nation we are re-evaluating priorities, learning the hard way that credit cards are possibly either works of the devil--or what saves our holiday from being dismal.  I am thinking that many Americans this upcoming holiday season are going to learn about that gift which comes from the heart, embrace it or simply be disappointed by it.  This woman is hoping that they embrace it.


There are a few of us which have already experienced difficult Holidays.  We are the emotional war veterans of lonely holidays, times when we felt guilty about what we couldn't give or felt guilty receiving something decadent.   One thing we all share is our renewed faith that people do give gifts from the heart and we should be open to celebrate each one no matter how small or insignificant anyone else views it.


While I tend to be a bit cheeky and kid around a lot...it has always been the thing which helped me cope with the emotionally difficult times.  I still make a Christmas birthday cake for Jesus, smile while I serve it, and think about how precious that cake was way back then when it was so hard for me to appreciate it.  That cake was simple...we didn't even have frosting.  My cake now is decorated on the top with chocolate chips.....why?  Because some higher power gave us chocolate and I am going to celebrate it!   Why can't Jesus can take credit for chocolate?   Several years back my mother  began making gingerbread men for Christmas...anatomically correct gingerbread men....and YES even a preacher's wife can be cheeky.   (now you know where I get it from)


SO---I am asking you to consider and ponder your Christmas memories and share them with us here.  Sharing a painful one helps you heal...sharing one that was really meaningful makes you appreciate it even more. 


Then...read each other's memories because they will remind you that sharing them with the people close to you is even more important.  This is your dress rehearsal for the upcoming holidays.  I am hoping you will create a gift from the heart and share it with those close to you in the holidays to come.  


And remember....it is okay to be cheeky.   Humor heals.

cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 29 weeks
Sorry that was a really bad pun.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 29 weeks
Our loved ones never "leaf" us.
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 29 weeks
Anabj - and Ruby - that is so terrible - :HUG: and it is a good idea - thank you Cheeky for the tree idea :)
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 29 weeks
Thanks Ruby! We started this the year I lost all of my grandparents. Holidays are often the hardest when thinking about memories of those we shared with whom we have since lost...but our trees help us feel them close to us.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 29 weeks
What a wonderful tradition!! :)
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 29 weeks
We have a family tradition to plant a tree the Sat. after thanksgiving every year for those we lost during the year. Then in the summer when the trees are tall and proud we have picnics under them and think of our lost family as being right there...shading us with their love. Most parks will allow you to pay for a tree they pick out and will even help you plant it. Pretty cool!
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 29 weeks
Oh anabj that is so sad and I am so sorry!!
anabj anabj 6 years 29 weeks
my grandpa died on christmas eve during dinner.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 29 weeks
Iveenia I am so sorry about your story that must have been hard on you! I am sure she is in heaven waiting for you! As usual Cheeky your story had me :ROTFL:!! I get melancholy at Christmas as I lost my Gram two days after Christmas in 2001.She was a beautiful soul and I miss her everyday.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 29 weeks
Every Christmas we watch "Christmas Story" together. One Christmas my parents bought all the boys/men in the family red rider b=b guns for Christmas. They all went out into the back yard to shoot them and one got a b=b that came back at them off the fence...hit my nephew on the cheek. He was fine but ended up with a shiner. We all stood there while his mother put ice on it. My mother said "What the heck was I thinking? We have spent the last 6 years watching this movie and we still didn't learn anything." "You'll shoot your eye out" has new meaning in our family. It is like saying "I told you so"
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 31 weeks
You are right Cheeky - yet i have no funny but a sad story fm our German Boxer female - Julie (we pronounced it the French way) - however - she was very sick - we went to the vet but he only diagnosed a common cold - but i felt there was something very wrong. Later on abt one week before Christmas (we feast on December 24) i had a sad dream - i dreamt that she would die. All called me hyper. You are exaggerating etc... On Thursday or Friday (do not remember anymore exactly) - she went to hospital and she never did that freely - she went all alone on that special table to be x-rayed. then they found the real reason: her abdominal wall was broken and her intestines were hanging in her chest. The doctor ordered an operation for Saturday - before he was unable to make it. And he added to the opinion of my parents and my bro: your daughter/sister is hyperventilating. Ok - Saturday came - the phone after the operation: she was dead. I have never seen my dad crying - but that day he did. We all did - it was the saddest Christmas ever - it was not the operation - it was not her heart - she refused to breathe - and when they took her off the iron lung - she suffocated herself. I still think abt her - abt her pain - not being able to lie down anymore - but she was such a good dog - she must be in heaven waiting for us :) :HEART: i hope you have funnier stories :HUG: