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bikini or brazilian wax? which do guys prefer? also how do you now if you are normal down there?

Helen-Danger Helen-Danger 5 years 25 weeks
Natural, but tended and well clipped. Not so much a topiary anymore. More like a shrub that isn't allowed to uh, take over the lawn and the fence. :)
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 25 weeks
Now Helen, I haven't been watching much porn lately... what's the 'in' look right now?
Venus1 Venus1 5 years 25 weeks
Not sure it's appropriate to engage in 1:1's here but thank you. Not sure if I'm awesome but I am smooth!
Jake2010 Jake2010 5 years 25 weeks
You're awesome Venus 1 :)
Venus1 Venus1 5 years 25 weeks
Shaving Tip: If you are going to shave, use hair conditioner as opposed to any gels or creams. Then the razor just glides. I've been doing this for over 15 years
Helen-Danger Helen-Danger 5 years 25 weeks
Men like variety, and strangely enough they notice pube fashions. So whatever's currently popular in porn is a good basic look. And then change it up by growing it out for a bit or shaving differently. And shaving is way better in my opinion. Because you don't get any awkward stubbly days or red days like you do with waxing.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 26 weeks
Well, you are normal if you have a vagina and your gyno says you're healthy! I don't think there's such thing as an abnormal vagina... As for brazilian or bikini wax... I keep just a little landing strip and keep the rest clean-shaven. Most guys seem to like it... I would suggest asking him though, not all men prefer the same thing.
Venus1 Venus1 5 years 26 weeks
The only hair on my body is on my head! For me it feels cleaner and better but I do this for me. My body is not exclusivly an entertainment centre for men, it is what I prefer to do. As for normal, aside from possible infection issues mentioned by Inlove23 above, each vulva is a unique piece of its won beauty. Sadly the porn industry, airbrushing and ironically cencorship (leading to detail being removed) have caused a lot of people to have concerns where they really should have none.
inlove23 inlove23 5 years 26 weeks
My boyfriend prefers "Brazilian", and that's how I prefer to have it. But, I shave. No man is worth pain. lmao. Normal has some discharge (not green), minimal odor, "bump-free" and itch free for the most part. Green discharge is an infection, bumps can mean an STD (sometimes a pimple though), and if there is burning when urinating than it's a sign of a urinary tract infection. Everyone's a little different in shape or sizes but the signs I mentioned above are pretty much the same for everyone.
katialoves katialoves 5 years 26 weeks
there are probably guys that like both... if you dont know about being normal, ask a doctor?