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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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"end of the summer" nail looks

So we're closing in on Summer and in Chicago we might just get an early Fall. We have unpredictable weather over here.
Here are a two polishes and looks to close in the Summer with. The names of the polishes will be under the pics ;)

Mellow YellowMellow Yellow

OPI- you're a pisa work/ Pure Ice- Super Star!OPI- you're a pisa work/ Pure Ice- Super Star!

HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 6 years 40 weeks
Lovely as always !!!
sillyme71 sillyme71 6 years 43 weeks
I have bought Sally Hansen Bold colors for nails that dries in 90 seconds. Like dark blue, turquoise,white,Bold pink,and the white is perfect for background of a nail, with blue dots or pink stripes or vice versa. Pink or blue nails with white stripes and white dots! These are really inexpensive too. I found mine at CVS drugs for $1.99. By the way I live in Alabama. Ya know what drives me crazy? The ignorant people (which I mean they do not know, have not been informed IGNORANT), that thinks everyone down south are hicks and have no sense.Now I will admit there are some sides of town that I bet the highest I.Q. is 30! Naah, but really I love my life in the south all the tree's and fresh air. The people are soooo friendly and very polite! I was born in Honolulu,Hawaii and have lived in Pennsylvania,Florida, and in California when I was 11- 12 years old. My father was in the military (of course). But when I was 13 we moved to Alabama which is where my mother is from and I love it here. Everybody is real down to earth and talk about COOKIN'! Well YOU KNOW!!!
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 6 years 43 weeks
Wow! The top designs are so intricate! I love them :)