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Is it going to be okay?

Hello, Lizzy here. 

My boyfriend of 7 years (basically fionce) is in AIT and talking to him only happens on the weekends and I hate that I can't talk to him as much as we used to. I'm fearing the time when he finishes and it's deployment time to overseas to serve. 

Does this get any easier? Being in love with a military man who you don't get to see on a daily basis? Support is something I think I need but no one knows what I'm going through so they can't help and they don't know how.

Sara-Manzke Sara-Manzke 3 years 22 weeks
Hey Lizzy! I just wanted to say that I think things will be just fine. The military life isn't easy but women who are in love with men in the service don't expect it to be. We are the ones who need to believe in the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder". You will never take a single moment with him for granted and he'll never take you for granted either. Although I don't know your entire situation, I'd like to think I understand what you're going through and I hope this was of some encouragement. -Sara