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Is he interested in me or is this just an excuse?

I've been spending more time, and even flirting more, with a classmate.  I'm almost 100% sure he's at least interested in dating me, although we haven't been on an official date yet.  In a conversation a few weeks ago, it seemed like he was trying to express that he was unsure about classmates dating, likening it to workplace romances.  Does that mean nothing is ever going to happen between us? We still have 3 more years of grad school together...

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Rose Iphone 5 Case Help, not sure what to do How to keep an interest in a conversation with a famous person? How to keep and interest of a very famous person? For Henna :) video games and bf
henna-red henna-red 3 years 10 weeks
Or, you could just ask him out for coffee and conversation...a good way to find out.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 3 years 10 weeks
my advice is to keep it light, flirt with him (since you seem interested). But don't put your eggs in one basket, if there's other offers, go out and have fun too. Don't think anything is set in stone yet; you guys are still young and most likely you two will date somewhere along the way, so enjoy your single life.