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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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How do I do this hair-do?

I just saw Lauren Conrad at Jessica Simpson's party and I am in LOVE with her hair. How can I recreate this look? And do you think she has a bunch of extensions in to create it?

ashleigh07 ashleigh07 5 years 3 weeks
i like bumble and bumble's hair powder to get this look. it creates matte volume and texture. so all you need is to spray it down and pin it. it does not move.
beautylicious089 beautylicious089 5 years 3 weeks
I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE TOO!!!! I've done a tutorial on my YouTube check it out.... if you like it please subscribe, I'm always uploading new videos and can do any requests ♥
senorita senorita 5 years 4 weeks
Thanks poudeez, I have pretty straight hair with a little bit of texture, I am just not sure if I can get the bun as big as LC but with your tips it is worth giving it a try! THANKS!
poudeez poudeez 5 years 4 weeks
What type of hair do you have? You need some texture to get this. I have pretty curly and thick hair so a day or so of not washing my hair out I can pull this look w/no problem. Try creating a messy ballerina bun and use bobby pins for flyaways and to pin sections of hair from your bun to create the look. GOOD LUCK!