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A letter to Melissa Rosenberg (read this only if you have read Breaking Dawn)
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A letter to Melissa Rosenberg (read this only if you have read Breaking Dawn)

Dear Ms. Rosenberg

First let me say that I thought you did an impeccable job at screenwriting Twilight from Stephenie Meyer's novel. From what I can see you did a great job on New Moon as well. I can only assume that Eclipse will be no different. You have proven yourself a competent and talented screenwriter. Hell you write episodes of Dexter for goodness sake! Your ability is not in question.

I am here to discuss Breaking Dawn. This will be the ultimate test of your career. If you can manage to pull a workable movie out of that piece of literature you should (hands down) win the Academy Award in screenwriting. Everyone seems to be wondering who will be chosen to direct Breaking Dawn because they believe that is (ultimately) the person who will sink or swim in making a film work on the last book. I beg to differ. This all lies with you and that is quite a big burden to bear. The world is on your shoulders. The movie will make a ton of money so Summit can't be THAT concerned with the script. But I know you aren't a writer to please all the people who will watch anything with Robert Pattinson in it. You actually care about putting out quality work.

So here are my questions. How are you honestly going to manage to write the birth scene and still maintain a PG-13 rating? How are you going to write for Renesmee and her not look like a freak of nature? Regarding Renesmee, the hardest challenge will be for the casting directors/CGI geniuses. They have a daunting and hard and impossible job. The honeymoon scene is what everyone will be flocking to the cinema to see (the rabid fans I mean) and I am sure Mrs. Prude Meyer will be ALL OVER the writing and filming of that. Look I know she didn't write the books for a mature audience and is trying to keep it morally sound. But this is the last movie and we have to have more than just a fade to black. But I know it won't happen because SM wouldn't even let the first kiss scene stay the way Catherine had it (ie Steamy). I find it rather hypocritical that SM has an issue with a tasteful sex scene however has ZERO problem with blood and gore which Breaking Dawn the novel is filled to the brim with. You want to see Edward and Bella consummate their relationship....sorry you aren't gonna get it. But if you are excited to see Edward rip Bella's belly open with his sharp vampire teeth, well you are in luck.

And don't even get me started on how you are going to work out the awful anti-climatic ending. This is going to the be the last film in the series and as a talented screenwriter you know you can't end it that way. Sure if this were an Indie film you could get away with it. But, it isn't.

So in conclusion, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers while dealing with this huge predicament and the test of your career. You will deserve a Pulitzer if you can pull this off.

Best regards,

(Please note: I have no clue if she has even been signed as the screenwriter for the fourth film).

glam-sugar glam-sugar 6 years 18 weeks
I agree, that is going to be really tough to translate into a good movie. I have no idea how they're going to manage to make Nessie work either, especially since she looks like both parents. :? I want some nekkid RPatz sex scenes too. :pepino:
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 6 years 31 weeks
Perfect letter :medal: I also agree with patriciaerin, it will be VERY interesting to see what they cut out or speed through to make this film an appropriate length of time.
wren1 wren1 6 years 31 weeks
I agree with all of the above. I'm praying they can pull off this movie. Love the letter :medal: And you are so cute, aud. :)
patriciaerin patriciaerin 6 years 31 weeks
i'm a bit worried about Breaking Dawn as well. I thought the 4th book was all over the place and I'm worried how the film will manage this (just my opinion) I'm very interested to see what gets cut to fit this into a 2 hour-ish film. I want to see some sexing up between B and E. Please no fade to black.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 6 years 31 weeks
OMG Aud, I had no idea you wrote this until I got to the end and saw your name :rotfl: I thought you pulled this off a blog somewhere! I totally agree with you as well, it's going to be interesting to see how she handles it. But.. I do think Twilight the movie made some good changes from the book, so maybe that will be the case with Breaking Dawn as well. I hope so.
gd101 gd101 6 years 31 weeks
i completely agree with you! i don't think she can handle Breaking Dawn. There is a huge amount of pressure, because IT IS the last film. Breaking dawn is an excellent book, but can she turn it into an excellent movie? I don't know.