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Men's Take on Women Having a Baby with a Donor
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my miracle

  At 20 weeks we found out we were having a boy. We were so excited, we already had a girl who was 2.  However there was something wrong in the sonogram and they sent my husband and I, with our daughter to a childrens cardioligist to look at the enlarged atrium they uncovered.  We were so nervous. After 6 hours trying to get a fetal ecko, the dr. came in and believed that it was a coarctaion of the aorta.  It was a common procedure for the heart surgeon to fix.  Every month I went for a follow- up with them and for growth and weight.  I also had my regular gyn appt.  I felt pretty postive that things would be ok.....

It was the day before easter. I was 33 weeks. I just came back from a 1 year old bday party.  I decided to take my daughter to my mother-in-laws with me so i could help prepare dinner for the following day.  While stuffing atrichokes i started to feel cramps, but thought nothing about it.  I figuerd it was brax and hix.  This went on for about an hour before my husband told me to call the dr.  He told me to come in to the hospital he was on call for to get checked out.  The hospital that i was suppose to deliver in, was 15 min away and a childrens hospital.  He figured he would give me a shot and I would be on my way.  However that didn't happen.  I was already 3 cm dialated.  I was told that they were going to give me a drug to try and stop the labor for 3 days , and they were going to give me 2 shots in the butt to help make the baby's lungs.  We knew we had to get over to the other hospital just in case. Although the staff kept on assuring me that even if the baby needs care that this was a really good hospital with some of the same rotating dr., and if needed the baby could be transported without a problem.  I wanted to be with my child and not be in a different hospital.  Thank goodness for my dr. who already called ems to transfer me since the baby and I were stable.  I labored through the whole transport with myself only being monitered, which at that time i didn't think anything of it. 

By the time I arrived at the childrens hopital, i was already 7 cm and nurses were not happy that ems did not have me on my side and laying flat.  I was in such pain with the labor I called for an epidural.  My Dr. met me at the hospital and broke my water.  3 pushes later , my son was born.  They showed me him for 2 sec and rushed him to the nicu.  At that point my placenta did not want to come out, so i had to be rushed to the Operating room. It took an hour.  My husband still had not been allowed to see our son.  When it was time for me to go to my room he went to see our son.  I will never forget seeing him upstairs crying to the nurse and walking away. I thought my son didn't make it. 

He finally made it to the room and explained to me that the dr. said that it wasn't his heart that was the big problem, but there was a mass in his chest and they didn't see a right lung.  Our son was a lot sicker than they thought, and they didn't have any idea what was wrong yet.  I was numb.  The next day after running some tests and doing a sonogram, my son wound up being diagnosed with a right sided congential diaphragmatic hernia.  Basically the diaphram doesn't fully form during utero, which can allow other organs to seep up into the chest area where the lungs are.  It can also happen on the right.  My sons entire right side of the diaphram was missing. His liver was sitting on top of his lung.  I was so nervous i didn't go see him for an entire day because i didn't want to get attached.  He was also diagnosed with an asd and a vsd(holes in the heart)

Fortunatley for my son, he only spent 26 days in the hospital.  He had surgery on his 3rd day of life and recovered quite fast, considereing what was wrong with him.  He actually had a full left lung and a funtional right lung  with all the sacs needed for him to breathe. It was just alot smaller.  His surgeon said he was borderline on how he would do.  I am so blessed that he got stronger everyday and never needed any oxygen.  He continues to amaze me everyday.  Although he is smaller because he was born early, he is quickly catching up. 

So next time you are pregnanct and people ask you whether you want a boy or a girl, say you want a healthy child because nothing compares to that.

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lauren lauren 4 years 38 weeks
WOW, what a story! And I am so glad to hear your little boy is doing so well and your statement is so true, healthy is the most important!