A newly found excitement for jogging!

Game 2 of the Stanly Cup Final! I am psyched! Go Back up team Go!

I will saw this once more (as I have previously stated it in the past although I wasn't nearly this far along)......I am a Jogger! Yes!
It feels so good and I just go out and do it now...even in not so great weather!

Today I had my best run yet... I went not quite 2 miles at a nice steady pace and my breathing was great! I passed two hippies who said that I didn't need to jog because I was beautiful enough already! That made me feel good! Then I passed a nice man and his dog who was very sweet. Its so nice when strangers are just friendly because!

I feel so strong! It is wondrous what a workout can do for your emotions and self esteem! I still have a ways to go with my weight loss (25lbs) but I just feel more confident!

Now I just need to find some new running shoes...my good ol' hiking shoes are not so good for impact any more.

Food wise I am not getting as much of a healthy mix as I should. The budget has become quite tight so it's now back to ramen and tuna for awhile, but hopefully not for too long! Ah the joys of University....I have a summer class starting tomorrow and I think that I will try to bike to school as much as I can....saving gas and working out all in one, YAY!

Thats all for now, maybe someday I will post points again! Who knows!

wren1 wren1 8 years 6 days
Look at your heart-shaped apple! Sounds like you had a workout break though. Gotta love it. :highfive: to the two hippies. And random kindness from strangers always makes my day. Great, also, to hear that you are in the confident zone. Such a great motivator. So glad it's going well!!! Tomorrow I start week 2 of my new running thing. Not ready to label myself as one, yet... :)
alyssa_joseph alyssa_joseph 8 years 6 days
that apple looks so good. walking is very good for you ,just don't over work your body. good luck and post again. i would love to here form you again.:)