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overcoming obstacles

over the past 2 years ive run into some trouble. i was in huge financial debt, had to move back in with my parents, got laid off and ran into some trouble with the law. its been rough. i completely own up to all of this and have learned some big life lessons.

the problem lies in my fear of the future. i have ambitions to become a psychiatric nurse...predominately working with children. im afraid that the mistakes of my past are going to hurt my future plans. i am excited to go back to school and hopefully find a career that is fulfilling. i know that i have been put on this earth to help people, but its taken me a number of years to discover that.

how do i continue to push foward without becoming too obsessed about the past?

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zabrow zabrow 3 years 25 weeks
Good job getting things back on track & finding something that interests you! Not to be a stick in the mud, BUT. It could be difficult to get your nursing license with a criminal past. It depends on what kind of trouble you got into with the law... I would contact the nursing board in your state, tell them about your specific situation & see if you can find out the likelihood of them licensing you. Good luck to you!
Bubbles12 Bubbles12 3 years 25 weeks
You have already accomplished a miracle -- you've owned up to being responsible for your life in a major way, figured out what you're about here on earth and have a tangible goal that will help you express who you are about. You've got my serious respect. How to move forward? *Surround yourself with other people who are pursuing the same goal and making serious progress*. People you might even feel intimidated by right now. The best way to do this is to get into school like a community college if even for one or two classes, join a study group. The people who do that in college are the really serious ones. The other way to surround yourself is get a job in a hospital or somewhere psych nurses work. Tell the manager of the nurse psychs what you're doing and that you're looking for a mentor to talk about the job and how he or she got through school, and could they connect you with a few people they think would be good mentors for you. Ask several people. This will do a very important thing, it will de-mystify the goal. You'll see people like you can do something like that. You'll get their encouragement and advice on what to do. One note, do not hang out with people who you feel superior too, especially those who are mired in problems and you want to help. You are probably not in much of a position to be hanging out with people who might make you feel comfortable shrugging off your goals. Hang out with people who have goals and you can see are not just talking about it, but making it happen. That's your ticket. Good luck!