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No ring no love?
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No ring no love?

I have often here a few women say, "if he won't marry me, then I'll leave!". Is that love? Can people really give up on love like that? I doubt these women were really in love. I can understand wanting a ring, but seriously. To give up on your boyfriend just because you didn't get that ring? There are plenty of men out there that don't care for marriage, but will treat their woman like a queen. However there are plenty of guys that will get married only to treat his wife like trash. There's a contrast in every situation.

Real love don't have a time frame.and marriage isn't guaranteed...

Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 6 years 50 weeks
Some women view marriage as a commitment but in reality, a piece of paper that states two people are married does not automatically mean that the commitment is going to be there. Marriage is something that is meant in my mind, the ultimate love, but sadly people get married all the time without thinking about it. But if you truely love a person then you should stick together with that person regardless if he or she does not want to get married or not, if you really want to be married then you must feel that being married is worth more to you then your current partner, so either you will have to accept the fact they do not want to get married and stay or move on to someone who does.
maggierose maggierose 6 years 50 weeks
I think if the guy loves the girl that much, he will be willing to compromise. In a relationship, if something is important to the other person and not of much importance to you, you do it.