Well, here we go. I'm 18. I work as a secretary at an employee benifit company. And my fiance is in the army, we've been engaged since december and we've been together little over a year, we've been close friends for the past 3 years. He just deployed overseas a few weeks ago. We spent his last two weeks home together everyday. It was just like knowing he was leaving me, made my love for him grow and his for me because he asked me to marry him 2 days after christmas, 2 days before he left. Now I'm waiting 9-12 months to be with the man I love. I come from a military family. My father and only brother served. My brother still does. I know all about loved ones leaving and not knowing if you're going to see thier faces again. But it feel so much more intense now. Like, at night i can literatly feel the emptiness beside me. I thought I was doing okay but as the days keep going on the nights are getting lonlier and lonlier, I just need some support with all this so feel free to ask me what you want, just start a conversation anythingg

HSpargo HSpargo 3 years 14 weeks
It's the worst feeling in the world. My boyfriend is flying out tonight and I said goodbye to him on Sunday I've cried pretty much every hour. Its the worst feeling as there is nothing you can do to make it better. No one w=understands unless they have been in the same position. I'm sure thigns will get easier as time goes on and try to keep yourself as busy as possible to help the time pass quicker. If you want to chat feel free. Hannah x