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Tighten & Tone every inch to pinch! :) Total body workout video from ToneItUp

Hey Fitsugar community!  It's Karena & Katrina from Tone It!  This is one of our best workouts yet... only 6 minutes & it tightens and tones your whole body!

Tone Up with this great Total Body Workout!  This high energy circuit can be done anywhere and will tone up your entire body with just a few simple moves.

Our Total Body Workout combines resistance training and cardio to give you optimum results that will tone up your entire body. We start with a set of cross-over knee lifts followed by an intense upper-body/torso blast with our unique spiderman pushups. Then we switch it back to cardio while working our obliques with a set of waistline crunches. Throw in some plank jacks and tummy tucks to cover your back, arms and abs and you have a complete total body workout that will help you slim down and tone up in no time.

We suggest you do this workout three or four times a week and alternate the other days with one of our workouts geared towards your individual trouble areas to achieve the best results.

Hope you enjoy!! Love you guys.  Visit our blog for more,

Your Trainers,

Karena & Katrina

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Tone It Up

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YogaGirlAli YogaGirlAli 4 years 35 weeks
Yay! Good one!
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 4 years 47 weeks
Add this to my to-do list for today :)
ash2asl ash2asl 5 years 15 weeks
I literally layed on the floor for like 10 minutes in a puddle of sweat, with my heart rate way up. This is a serious workout, but I felt so good after I was done I really felt like I had accomplished something and my body felt great too, definitely adding this to my routine.
peaceoutbritney peaceoutbritney 5 years 17 weeks
Def gona try this!
CandyKD CandyKD 5 years 26 weeks
Gonna try this one every morning? I feel so big and goofy, doing workouts.
Kirra1 Kirra1 5 years 31 weeks
This really got my heart rate up and I added it with the ab workout. Thanks!
yoxyoxyox yoxyoxyox 5 years 32 weeks
love it,... I really work out ... fav
animatedpunk animatedpunk 5 years 34 weeks
this looks awesome!! Will definitely be doing this :)