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trust issues

my boyfriend of two years once used to flirt with a girl behind my back. it happened more than a year ago.
i wasn't okay with that when i got to know. we both had acess to each other's accounts and that is how i found out.
i felt humiliated and disrespected.
i forgave him but with a condition that he will cut contact from her. he did for a while. she made efforts to talk to him, but he didn't retaliate. once he did, we had a fight again and then he promised that he would block her out. he has now blocked her.
after a year he did.
sometimes when he wants to hurt me while we are fighting, he says her name and that she's the best one and la la.
i have been backstabbed by friends and cheated on before and i try not to feel bad for myself but that has affected my self esteem i think
my problem is i don't believe him when he says he doesn't talk to her, i always feel he's lying. sometimes i stalk him..i feel so bad and disgusted.
he used to tell me when she made a move to talk to him, hasn't denied when he used to reply earlier.
but now he says he doesnt and has even blocked her.
i feel humiliated most of all.
i don't trust i wrong? what should i do?
please help