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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
Saved 11/03/08 to Beauty Product Junkies

vampire look

First of all, this was a last minute thing, I wasn't going to go anywhere on Halloween, but oh well

I've got a black dress, cape, black gloves, so "I wanna be a vampire"

and went searching for the challenge look that Ccee did , and try to copy it. A friend help me a lot:

I try to make my face whiter (it was hard!) with baby powder and face cream.

then put some Maybelline cover stick on my eyes, that way I was sure the make up on my eyes will last.

with a black Maybelline eyeliner, did my eyes, up and down.

I've got another maybelline product coming, the eyeshadow in black, I put some on my eyelid, then my friend did the "running make up look" under my eyes with the same eyeshadow and water.

We finish the eyes with a little grey (to blend it) and some white shadow under my brows. Finish the eyes with CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara in black.

on my lips I've got a lip gloss from Avon, I don't know the exact color, is was like little red with glitters. And again my friend did the "bloody lips" with a little brush, a wine lipstick and a pink lip pencil.

Sorry for having no details on the make up I used, some of the make up wasn't mine so I only checked the colors, and the photo isn't exactly nice, it was with flash and we were goofing, but you can see at least some of the make up, the idea.

Thanks a lot Ccee!!!

HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 7 years 28 weeks
Very nice !!!!I really like the earrings too.
sofi sofi 7 years 29 weeks
Oh, that looks great! Fantastic job- thanks for sharing :)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years 29 weeks
Wonderful Halloween look!
CCee CCee 7 years 29 weeks
Wow, you look amazing!!! I'm so proud of you!! Thank you for showing everyone how you looked!
carrieann9016 carrieann9016 7 years 29 weeks
That looks pretty dang good!!!!!
chancleta chancleta 7 years 29 weeks
I love the blood!
chancleta chancleta 7 years 29 weeks
I think it looks awesome!
lorenashley lorenashley 7 years 29 weeks
i think you did a great job.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 7 years 29 weeks
ooouuh I forgot to mention my earrings, I like them so much! ------------------------------------------------------- Elvendork is unisex