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want your dog to live longer ?

give your dog the nutrients it needs to live a long healthier and happier life . give them Pet Cod Liver Oil which has Omega 3 fish oils ( which is great for your pet ! ) and vitamin e. it also makes joints stronger which helps fight diseases off. for puppies it help boost a healthy brain development. it slows down growth of cancer cell boost metabolism and boosts energy.

i have been giving this to my dogs for about 3 months and it really has a positive effect on their overall energy and happiness and that is just the visible results!!

there's a link below if you want to purchase it now at the vitamin shoppe. they also carry it elsewhere =] i hope this helps

love natasha

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natashadurel natashadurel 8 years 12 weeks
yea he has lots of energy but oreo was always like that , its just his personality , i mean he just has more enegy and is mory happy lol
iBrenna iBrenna 8 years 12 weeks
Is that why oreo is soo hyper?