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weight loss plateau and lack of motivation - plan of attack?

I'm trying to loose a fairly small amout of weight - 5 pounds. currently I'm 131-130 and would like to stt something like 125 on the scale. This is all part of the attempt to loose what I gained after I got a job as a corporate programmer.

the problem is - I bike to work almost daily and run 2 a week 3-4 miles and strength train 1 time per week, but the weight remains. My biggest trespassings are glass of wine (just one) with dinner and pizza on the weekend.

The weight is not buldging though - it's like no matter what I do it sticks somewhere between 133 and 130.
I'm experiencing a drop in my motivation because of this, since I feel like i work hard but I'm already smaller in size then most of the work peers and friends. So there is no jealousy or competitiveness. But there are tons of jeans and pants and dresses I cannot fit in anymore, which reminds me that I should loose weight.. if only i can get worked up about it.

So over the next 3 months I'm going to try to introduce small changes in diet and exercise to form a better lifestyle. What should I do?

healthyinnewyork healthyinnewyork 4 years 10 weeks
If you both are anything like me you probably don't get enough fiber or drink enough water. Start increasing both and see if the scale moves.
karenann8 karenann8 4 years 10 weeks
I have been experiencing the same exact problem. My weight has been between 129 to 131 solid. I'd like to be 120-125 and have been trying my best to get there. I do cardio five days a week and weight train 6 days a week. I think my only pitfall must be my diet. I do enjoy my sweet snacks but limit it to one snack a day. But still no change in my weight.