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what do you think???
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what do you think???

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has professed his delight at being married.
My Chemical Romance man in marital bliss...

The singer got married to his partner Lyn Z in a low-key private ceremony backstage during the Projekt Revolution Tour.
So far, for Gerard, the experience has been absolute bliss. He told Rolling Stone: . “Married life is fuckin’ amazing. Especially being in a relationship that I only thought could be a fictional thing."
“It’s like knowing that there’s always somebody out there, and that’s something I’ve never known.”
so how do you feel about this?

emilyfoybrown emilyfoybrown 7 years 28 weeks
i cant believe he is married!!! i mean he is like the hottest singer ever, i wanted to marry him!! :(
dirrtyhoney dirrtyhoney 8 years 29 weeks
YAY! Ja sam very happy :) :hug: