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How to get the campfire smoke out of my hair?
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where can I purchase bronze mascara

EricaJane EricaJane 5 years 47 weeks
My eyelashes are blonde, and I have red hair, so black and brown mascaras always look harsh on me if I want a "natural" look. I am very excited about this post. Thank you!
northen123 northen123 5 years 47 weeks
I tried brown mascara, but it never really did anything for my eyes. Bronze sounds awesome, though. I used to wear bright blue mascara and people said it made my already-blue eyes even brighter.
LightningBug LightningBug 5 years 48 weeks
Bare Essentuals used to make one, you can probably get still get it at Nordstroms. However it's not a singular mascara, it's designed to be worn over a black mascara so that it shows up. If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, MaxFactor makes a tinted mascara, that comes in a bronzy color. It's duel ended mascara so there are two colors to play with. Sometimes if I'm looking for a bronze color I use my tinted eyebrow color. It does the same thing as a tinted mascara with a little hold. Mine is MAC. Hope this helps!