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I am at work all day and need effective ways to housetrain my 1 year old puppy! How do you teach them to hold it in?
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where can i put cat up 4 adoptions

3 years 44 weeks
Watch out, many shelters keep their "no-kill" status by transferring their "un-adopted" to kill shelters, leaving others to do the dirty work. My local "no-kill- referred me to several kill shelters because they are full, how ethical (not!).
celebritycatwalk celebritycatwalk 3 years 48 weeks
The key is to look for 'no kill' shelters/pounds/rescues in your area. No kill shelters will work to find a home for their animals either temporary/foster or permanent.
shortansassy shortansassy 3 years 48 weeks
Check with your local Humane Society if you cannot take the cat to the pound. Many Human Societies and other similar rescue groups have "Foster Care" for pets who are adoptable. The cat could either be placed with a 'Foster Home' or you can volunteer yourself as the foster home. They can offer financial help in the way of food and some vet bills, they can advertise your pet widely, and can find a home quicker than if you were to do it on your own. Hope this helps.