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Last year I managed to watch what I was eating and lost 33 pounds. I've fallen off the weight-loss wagon and gained almost all of it back and my clothes are beginning to get very uncomfortable. Last year I was walking over a mile at least 3 times weekly.  I want to start fresh: this year my plans are to lose 40 pounds and become more physically fit.  My plan is to overhaul my eating habits, for life this time.  This year my plans are:

1) Quit smoking for good-quit date is my birthday, February 1. I'm already cutting down daily in preparation for my quit date. No more cigarettes ever.

2) Lose at least 1 pound weekly by restyling my eating habits. More fruits and vegetables, less cookies and ice cream. I vow to no longer sit down and eat an entire row of Fig Newton cookies. I can have one occasionally but I'm not going to gorge myself on sweets anymore.

3) Walk the treadmill after work, without excuses, three times a week for 1/2 hour each time. I will not waffle and bargain and postpone and make excuses. I will pack my gym bag every morning and leave it in my car to take to work with me and then I will use it.

4) I will walk all three dogs on the weekend. Not only do I need to lose weight, so do my dogs. I vow to walk each one of them at least once each Saturday and Sunday for all our healths.

5) I will drink more water and less diet soda. I will limit my diet soda intake to two per day, the rest of the time I vow to drink water.

6) I will concentrate on toning my upper arms which is the area of my body that I'm most self-conscious about. I have hand weights that I will use every other day to help tone my upper arms and a list of exercises that concentrate on that area.

I also promise not to expect miracles which is why I'm only giving myself a small list of changes so I don't discourage myself by expecting too much too soon. I'm tired of being self-conscious about my body and embarrassed when I have my photo taken. Not only would I like to look better, I'd love to have my energy and not feel tired all the time from carrying around all that excess weight. My current weight is 188 pounds so my goal for 2010 is 148 pounds.

Good luck to me and everyone else focusing on fitness for 2010.