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If you had to descride your labor experience.....
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If you had to descride your labor experience.....

WE LOVE BIRTH STORIES.....ENJOY!!! (mominator♥)

kiddylnd kiddylnd 8 years 29 weeks
I was told by the nurses that they should have filmed me as an example of the perfect birth. I had to be induced due to toxemia. I was induced at 1pm and sent home. At 6:30 my water broke and we went back. At 9 I started to feel contractions, which I didn't realize because I never experienced the Braxton Hicks ones. At 10 I kindly asked my family except my Mom (single parent here) to leave and we'd call when the baby was born. At 10:15 I asked for pain meds. They gave me morphine because I wasn't very dilated. At 11:45 I told my Mom I thought I needed to push. At 12:15 my doctor arrived. At 12:29 I began to push. At 1:00 my son was born. I had a small tear which needed only 2 stitches. I blew a blood vessel in my eye from the pushing, but other than that was fine. I ate a cheeseburger, baked lays, and grape juice. I passed out from the meds. I was awoken at 5AM and re-introduced to my son, whom I had named somewhere before I passed out. They brought him to me and said 'Here's Emilio'. I said 'who?' They all laughed and said I made such a proclamation as to his name that they couldn't believe that I didn't remember it. It really was picture perfect. I don't even remember what it felt like.
horkusone horkusone 8 years 31 weeks
I have never had a child but I can only imagine how incredibly painful it can be. I have the utmost respect for any woman that gives so much of herself to bring a baby into the world.
lorenashley lorenashley 8 years 31 weeks
ive never had a baby but these are scaring me a tad bit :(
Hootie Hootie 8 years 31 weeks
I was in labor for 23 hours. It really wasn't that bad until the very end. My son was too big. I was told he was going to be 7 lbs. He was 8 lbs 7.5 ounces and 21 inches long. Well that wasn't even the hard part. The hard part was that his shoulders were so big he got stuck! I am built like a boy and I have no hips whatsoever. When my sons head came out it was painful but what almost killed me was the fact that he got stuck. His shoulders wouldn't fit through my pelvis. I didn't scream until that point. They were pushing on my stomach trying to force him out. Since his head was already out it was too late for a c section. He was in danger at that point. One doctor was pulling on his head and neck and another was pushing on my guts so hard. I was screaming and ripping. I tore in 3 places! Thank the Lord my son finally popped out. In order for that to happen his shoulder was dislocated and his nerves were all damaged. He had shoulder distocia and had to have rehab until he was 1 year old. I ended up with a broken rib and I didn't get to hold him for hours. His lungs were filled with meconium (forgive my spelling) and he couldn't breath. When they finally brought him to me I cried so hard. He was the most beautiful baby ever. It was worth all the pain I suffered and still do. My rib never healed right and it hurts to this day if I put pressure on that area. My private area had so many stitches that when it healed I think it did the best it could but it's very tender down there. My son is a beautiful 9 year old now. He will be 10 next month and his shoulders are still huge! Talk about a born linebacker! His pediatrician said he is going to be over 6 feet tall and I'm only 5'5". My baby boy is almost as tall as me already! Anyway, labor was fine until the end. I should have had a c section! I don't know what my docor was thinking! Don't they measure the shoulders to make sure they will fit when they come out??? Sheesh!
Neural Neural 8 years 32 weeks
I was induced and asked for an epidural after about 4 hours of contractions getting stronger and closer together. But by the time the anesthesiologist got the epidural in, I was 9 cm so they took it right back out and the baby was out 10 minutes later. It was 6 hours, 16 minutes from the time they induced until I had her. I was so exhausted after I pushed her out that all I could do was say "Is it a girl?" and then I just rested until they put her on me. It was amazing but I was also kinda like, "I just wanna go to sleep now" cuz that was EXHAUSTING!!!
thanks suebree96... wow you are supermom! youre definetly blessed. and omg jinx i was so scared i might have one.. c-section..OUCH! and thank you sandra werner when you go through it its not that bad but we sure deserve praise sumtimes.. thank god for mothers day!!!!
suebree96 suebree96 8 years 32 weeks
I have had five babies and had an epidural in only two of my labors. My first one and my last one, both induced. My first labor lasted 17 1/2 hours and my last was about 12 1/2 hours long. The three labors in between were fast and painful. My second labor lasted about six hours, my third labor lasted about 4 1/2 hours and my fourth labor lasted 3 hours. Congrats on the baby BettyRockets!!!!
sandra-werner sandra-werner 8 years 32 weeks
Hey.. My medal didn't work :rant: Let's try that again..... :medal:
sandra-werner sandra-werner 8 years 32 weeks
I've never had that experience... and right about now after looking at that poor women's face...... I'm thinkin' that I might have dodged a bullet!!!!! :innocent: I give much praise to the brave women that have taken the leap..... You and all the others deserve a :medal: Or 10!!!!!!!!!!! :notworthy:
Jinx Jinx 8 years 32 weeks
It ended in an Emergency C Section, enough said. :)
my labor experience was not that bad.. well not as bad as stories that ive heard. it was 10 hours.. i was enduced. they popped my 'bag' and nothing they 'inserted' a pill and nothing. then they gave me some medicine and i was 3 centimeters in 2 hours .. .. then by 5 pm i was feeling contractions at 8 centimeteres!! ahhh.. it was painful and i didnt originally didnt want an epidural but but i couldnt do it any longer.. they inserted it in my back (ouch) and i was all loopy from the medicine from earlier.. OMG I WAS SLEEPY, MUMBLING, AND bad can labor get?? ..At 6:41pm my first daughter TATIANA LILY was born at 6.11 lbs. when they took her out my knees were to my cheeks and they had to use a sunction cup to take her out.. because i was tired of pushing... and then with one large push :baby: the most emotional moment in my life. it was the most amazing thing ever. i was outta breathe, happy, shocked, confused, speachless all at once! ugh. my mom, two sisters and boyfriend were all there!! it was video taped and the happiest day so far. i love her♥
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