Facts About Chris Evans That Prove He's A Real-Life Hero

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to expand each year, but its ultimate hero remains one of its earliest signings. Yes, Chris Evans has proved time and time again why he was the ideal man to play Captain America with a string of heroic, heart-warming, and all-around good-guy real-life deeds. It also doesn't hurt that he has been given the official title of sexiest man alive by People magazine. If you need more reasons to love Chris Evans, read on to find out how he might be a real-life Captain America.

20. He’s essentially the real Captain America

There are more than a few parallels between Captain America and the man who plays him. In fact, the Marvel Studios president has commented on how alike the character and the actor are. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kevin Feige also compared him to one of the original big screen superhero stars, Christopher Reeve.

Feige told the iconic magazine, “[Chris Evans] is a reluctant star… I think he’s a great actor, and I think he can do whatever he wants to do, but even when you look at his Twitter account and taking a stand on things, it’s like, ‘Is he becoming Captain America?’”

19. He’s overwhelmingly positive

Few Hollywood names possess a spirit as overwhelmingly positive as Chris Evans’. The star appears to spend much of his spare time posting congratulatory or supportive messages to his fellow comic-book actors. And not just his Marvel ones, either. Indeed, the star tweeted Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and the official Wonder Woman account to express his joy at their success.

And Evans’ refreshingly positive nature extends far beyond the comic book universe, too. In 2016 he responded to a National Geographic news report about the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter with his typical sense of glee. He posted on his official Twitter account, “Congrats NASA!! Amazing accomplishment. Truly genius… and pretty darn cool!!”