Julia Roberts’ Birth Was Paid For By Martin Luther King Jr. Due To An Unusual Connection

Julia Roberts has lots of famous connections. She was married to country singer Lyle Lovett, for one thing, plus her brother, Eric, and niece Emma are both Hollywood stars in their own right. But you might not know that the Pretty Woman star also has ties to another very influential figure: Martin Luther King Jr. In fact, the civil rights activist and his wife paid for Julia Roberts’ birth — and for a very poignant reason.

A star is born

When Julia Roberts was born in Georgia in 1967, it was a very special day. Her parents, Betty Lou and Walter, could never have imagined that their newborn baby would grow up to become a world-famous superstar — and neither could Martin Luther King Jr., who ended up footing their hospital bill.

Civil rights

Roberts was born four years after Martin Luther King Jr. had delivered his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech. By this point, the civil rights activist was busy focusing his attention toward bigger cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles and Chicago. But not everyone in the Black movement approved of his methods.

Vietnam War

King was renowned for a pacifist and patient approach, which was attractive to white Americans. But some Black militants criticized his lack of urgency and his unwillingness to take a harder stance. As a result, King Jr. started to vocalize his opposition to the Vietnam War, pointing out its links with the poorest communities.

Multi-racial coalition

Yes, King believed that the United States’ military action in Vietnam discriminated against the underprivileged. He subsequently founded a multi-racial coalition in a bid to fix the financial and job issues that this group of people faced. King showed this kind of generosity wherever he went — to all kinds of people. And in 1967 those people included Julia Roberts’ parents.